Monday, March 3, 2008

They call it Stormy Monday...

Yes they call it Stormy Monday but for the Clinton camp Tuesday may be just as bad.
With Obama taking a 20 point leap in the Texas Polls over the weekend, which gives him the edge there, and with Ohio barely pulling for Clinton things do not look good for the New York Senator's bid for the White House.
I guess the question to ask then is, if she loses out in tomorrow’s primaries, will she bow out gracefully or hang in and further tear at the fragile fabric of a united party of Democrats? I'm hoping she will accept the loss and throw her support behind young Obama. This will create a strong ticket come November which can only be defeated if the Democrats drop the ball. Which we all know is all too easy considering the past 2 elections.
As where both parties are more then capable of cannibalizing themselves (I believe that in a thesaurus politician is an acceptable synonym for cannibal) the Republicans can put aside their differences to get control while the Democrats have shown that stabbing their own in the back in trade for personal gratification is far more likely.

I'll leave off with the fact that the Formula 1 season's first race is only 14 days away.
Bart the Dog made it through another good day and survived being left on his own for two hours.
And as the calender continues towards Spring every day is one more closer to the old Porsche coming out of storage and revving to life.

Time to work.

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What kind of Porsche?