Thursday, May 22, 2008

Come November

We are doomed America. I say this after reading dozens of both Pro Hillary and Pro Obama web sites. As you read them you see how neither will accept the other’s candidate,and all threaten to stay home or write in their candidate on the ballot.
Add on top of this the media machine, which is gleefully dividing the democrats with their reporting. First they Back Clinton and run a little smear on Obama, then they do the reverse and show how Obama is the good guy and Hillary is the she devil incarnate, thus feeding both sides and playing the middle. And the middle is John McCain, who represents the corporations that run the media.
Now let’s add a little distraction to the mix. What brought the dems into the forefront of electability was a combination of outrage over the war in Iraq, the trouncing of the Bill Of Rights, a general feeling that the nation as a whole had been lied to over and over along with the economy going down the drain.
But now we have a much bigger worry. The cost of gas and fuel, which is increasing at around 11 cents a gallon per week which means that by November we could expect to be paying $6.09 for a gallon of regular. (Shit how is anyone going to get to the polls anyway?)
Of course this high price shouldn’t come as a shock, I mean back in 2002 when Cheney set the energy plan for America along with the heads of all the major oil and energy producers and then refused to discuss what the plan is we should have known, right?
We have been set up. The rich will be the only ones who can afford to live in this world and the rest of us will be at their beckon call. The media keeps us fighting among ourselves so that we can not get a democrat into the White House to change anything and there will never be a chance for a third party to evolve without some form of major dissent in this country (revolution?)
So my prediction for November is John McCain will become president, gas prices will reach a peak of over $6.00 a gallon, food will become in short supply and more and more business will be forced to close their doors. America will welcome anything to make it feel better so when the call goes out for a unified North America consisting of Canada, The United States and Mexico there will be little opposition and any that there is will be quickly quelled.
Soon we will be eating soylent green and working for the national wage of $7.50 an hour.
We will be forced financially to live in group homes where we can be kept alive and monitored and we will all gladly give up our freedoms just so we can feel secure in our homeland. I see a dark-dark future ahead America.
BUT…it’s not to late, stop fighting among yourselves and remember who the enemy really is, they're in the White House now as I write this and we must not permit another day past November, let alone 4 more years of the same.
Stop being blinded and UNIFY!!! WE must support who-ever is the Democrats candidate and give all to get them into the White House.

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