Friday, May 16, 2008

It’s always the innocent…

“California court allows gays to marry, declares all hetero unions null and void.”

Now that the California Court has dissolved the marriages between normal god fearing folks, what ever shall become of their children?
Since the unions that produced these blessed little children essentially never took place the offspring must be considered bastards and not part of the holy churches.
I know of what I speak being from Massachusetts, the original state of sinful matrimony.
My wife and I, while still co-habitating, no longer see our union as sacred and have not since the day our state court allowed any Joe lunch pale and his hard hat companion to file their tax return jointly.
And while we had no children our dog Hailey went straight to hell when she moved out to be with that bitch up the street.
Yep, everything has just gone helter-skelter in the world due to this slap to god's face and like any other worshipped deity; he gets mighty P.O’d when his flock mock his words.
Yes I must say that this can be the only reason the Iraq war goes on, why gas prices are sky high, why a cyclone hit Burma and killed tens of thousands (it will always be Burma to me), why a massive earth quake took out tens of thousands in China and why locust rain down on my neighbor's house this morning.
Oh you can make fun if you want but those poor little, now bastard, children will face the ultimate sacrifice (no, not having to give up golf!) spending eternity knowing what small minded prejudice assholes their parents are.

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