Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bartacus (pictures of)

Just a few shots of Bart doing what he does,
The odd shot is of my Sweet Ol' Girl Hailey Blue "The Amazing Flying Dog" whom we lost last year at the advanced age of 16.

The World Ear: With all the hub-bub over Hillary and Barack last week did anyone hear about the meeting between Brazil, Russia, India and China last week getting together as partners to counter their perceived threat of the world dominance by the United States? Will capitalism fail by its own hand, similar to the financial suicide of Russia's communism?
Send thoughts, if you have any.

Well it's hot as the dickens already outside, and it is not even 10:30 yet.
I'm certainly glad to have central air, since I have a very hard time dealing with the heat any more. To think, when I was younger I pooh-poohed those who needed AC to survive in the summer months. Back then I was strong and worked hard labor jobs.
I was physically tougher, now I'm a desk jockey who wilts in anything warmer than 84.
It may be to hot to even head up to the corner bistro and enjoy the afternoon on the deck, we’ll see.
Well you all take care and put on a little mellow jazz, have an iced coffee, a couple of anisette biscotti’s and just take it easy in this crazy pre-summer heat wave.

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