Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ring, Ring, Telephone Ring...

“Hello? (and fuck you). I don’t mean (fuck you) directly at you, rather at the low life scum bags listening in on this call with full immunity.”
Yes, that is how I will be answering my phone starting now, thanks to fascist repuglicans and the spineless majority of democrats in the senate.
Yesterday, in total breach of the constitution these supposed servants of the people decided to allow unwarranted phone taps and to allow all involved off the hook (no pun intended) and to be hold george bush unaccountable for any possible violations of the laws broken prior to the passing of the new revised FISA law.
I know, I know..”You have nothing to worry about as long as you are not a terrorist.”
Really? Then I guess you won’t mind sharing all of your conversations and secret thoughts, that only your best friend should know, with me. Come on, what the hell. You already talk in public on your cell phone anyway, right? So what’s the difference if I just follow you around while you do so and listen in on what your saying and prod you from time to time to let me know what your buddy on the other end has to say?
I mean you’re not a terrorist with something to hide are you? ARE YOU?
So if you’re not why can’t I listen to your mindless phone babble?
OH, you want some privacy. Right.
Tough, you don’t get any. Where do you think you are, America?
Oh yeah, that’s right, you are in America. Welcome to Amerika.
“Well Good-bye, hope you have a good day (and fuck you).”

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