Monday, July 7, 2008


Gas is up another 8 cents, the wars continue to rage and take lives, job losses are at record highs, and the economy has tanked and still can’t tell where its bottom is.
Obama says one thing then another and claims his new opinion is the same he started with which means in reality he was the same as Hillary but chose to claim he wasn’t only so afterwards he could.. what, go back to being her only different. Because she’s a rich white woman and…he’s a rich black man (which in it self is a clear difference).
The weather has offered nothing but rain for the last five weeks and more is predicted for this week.
And on top of it all during the 3 days off I just had there wasn’t a decent early morning movie to watch at all. But today they showed the Simpson’s Movie (which started at 5:30) just as I had to get to work.
This planet is starting to suck. I can’t wait for the next one.

Lewis Hamilton won yesterday's British Grand Prix battling bad weather of his own and favored by poor planing by certain competitors (Ferrari).

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