Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3:30 AM

I had the chance to witness an awesome sight this morning when I took Mr.Towski out for his morning business.
The sky. The Sky was beautiful and magnificent. With a pitch-black backdrop the stars punctuated every quadrant of the heavens, and all I wanted to do was to lie down in the grass and stare upward. Unfortunately ‘responsibility’ reared its malignant head and pronounced my daily fate.
Ironic, it is, that mental health specialist always tell you to take the time too enjoy what is around you yet our lives are governed by responsibilities such as our work. (I have yet to meet an employer who will accept “staring at the stars” as an excuse for coming in late.)
My plan is to watch the weather and look for those nights when a clear forecast is predicted. Then I’ll get up an hour early and spend it in the stars.
I would recommend this to anyone and everyone looking for just that little something to make their day a bit more bearable.

Wake up early and go out to the lawn
Look at the sky for as short or as long
Just an hour of sleep is all it will take
Less if you want, it’s your choice make
Leave the pipe and forget the booze
Just follow the sky; you’ve got nothing to lose.
Remember, or don’t.

PS: Never fall for the short-term fix when the long-term consequences have not been fully weighed out or discussed.

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