Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Want Autumn? You Can't Handle Autumn

It is hard to believe that only four months ago I was puzzling with the advent of summer.
And here it is the end of October and fall has well taken over.
Yes autumn and all the peripheral senses it awakens. The early morning chills and frosts, falling leaves from the trees, the dying flowers, the rodents scurrying in madness for winter stores to stave off starvation.
And how can we begin to think of the season without our minds eye drawing focus to the majestic and ever spectacular fiery colors of the leaves across the hills. Yes those muted dull reds and washed out yellows all combined with the malignant brown spores of mold brought on by an overly wet and humid summer.
But wait a minute, this sounds all too negative. Autumn is suppose to be that great time of joy and of harvest where nature repays us in kind for the respect we have shown during the season of planting and tending. Ah that’s not going to put any lightening to this.
Shit what can I say? There has been no magic aromas driven though to awaken old memories, the leaves are a miserable mishmash of muted browns and tans, the days tend to run more cloudy and rainy then sunny and brisk, old activities of youth which were once bright spots of the year have long been ignored and forgotten.
Welcome to autumn in America, a narrow barely lit hallway painted in muddied pastels and which ushers us into the heartless cruel cold soul of winter.

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