Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Dog & Pony show

To me the worst part of Spitzer-Gate is how it allows the press to once more relegate the problems besieging this troubled country to be further ignored and kept from public view.
While Elliot captured all the headlines this week another 12 soldiers were killed in Iraq.

The economy which past “Going Dixie” months ago and now is speaking with a Latin accent continues to go down at a rate that would have made the Emperors’ Club’s most requested escort list.

The EPA has been accused of cutting short the lives of millions by refusing to implement more stringent environmental requirements, even as their own scientist say that these measures must be put in place. Coming to it’s defense were several republicans who feel that saving the lives of these people would be an unjust burden on the companies that would be required to put these standards in place (Wal-Mart being one of those major business under scrutiny).

Gas prices are continuing to soar and soon I can see employers having sleeping areas as a new benefit to offer so that workers can afford to be at the job every day.

Gold prices are at an all time high. This is a good thing for all those whose spouses have the QVC monkey on their back. Since a lot of these people have such vast collections of gold jewelry that goes unnoticed for months, a little “house cleaning” can easily put $500 in the pocket.

And finally while the news and faux journalists all were having orgasms, last night Little Feat played to an almost filled house in Northampton. It was an excellent show and further proof that quality only grows better with age.
I found it amusing that the opening song was “Time Loves a Hero”.

Well it’s off to work I go and when I’ll crash nobody knows.

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