Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I'd like to post something today but am extremely just plain beat.
The brain is operating on only a few hours of sleep over the last few days so everything is a jumble.

A mish-mash of outrages course thru me and all that seems to come out is ...

The Supreme Court to decide whether D.C. residents have the right to arm themselves:
Screw 'em. Crazy gun mofos. "I need a gun to protect myself against all the evil."
There ain't a friggin' big enough magazine or clip that can stave off all the crazy weird assholes out there. And for the most part your biggest worry isn't going to bust through your door. It's going to bust you financially.

Hillary and Obama still can't get the big picture (and neither can either camps supporters'). If this riff in the lesser party of two evils can't get resolved pronto, come November we all will be kicking dirt in our own faces. Dumb jack-asses.

Dick Cheney says Iraq is a much safer place today. Well if it's so damn safe why doesn't he just stay there? I sure the hell wouldn't miss him and he'd be that much closer to his beloved oil.

As for the bailout of Bear Stearns, it looks as if Neil Bushes practices were a decade to early to be rewarded.

China cracks down on Tibet, dozens killed. Why is China being allowed to host the Olympics and shouldn't the free country's of the world boycott it?
I can almost picture the Nike ad showing a group of athletes running down the street and as the camera pans out you see the athletes are Tibetan monks being chased by Chinese troops, wearing..? Nikes. A further reminder that industry runs the world and the people upon it are just a nuisance to be dealt with.

Well I’m tired and rambling
Best I be off and out the door,
‘can’t always get my ideas
to harmonize with the key board.

And to that extent I offer... the Fugs "Wide Wide River"

_River of shit, river of shit
Flow on, flow on, river of shit
Right from my toes
On up to my nose
Flow on on, flow on, river of shit
I've been swimming in this river of shit
More than 20 years and I'm gettin' tired of it
Don't like swimming, hope it'll soon run dry
Got to keep swimming, 'cuz I don't want to die
Who dealt this mess, anyway?
Yeah, that's an old card player's term,
But sometimes you can use the old switch-a-roo
And it can be applied to frontal politics.
What I mean is, who was it that set up a system,
Supposedly a democratic system, where you end up
Always votin' for the lesser o' two evils?
I mean, was George Washington the lesser of two evils?
Sometimes I wonder.
Ya got some guy that says,
"For god's sake we got to stop havin' violence in this country",
While he's spendin' sixteen thousand dollars a second... snuffin' gooks.
River of shit, river of shit
River of shit, river of shit
(Big brown river!)
Flow on, flow on, river of shit
(Yeah! Bigger than hell! And wealth and prosperity to every
man woman and child)
River of shit
Flow on"
No more slavery!_

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