Friday, March 7, 2008

Red In The Morning

The sky was a fiery pink this morning on my ride to work.
So all you sailors take warning.
Or at least all you land lubbers destined to be hit with more foul weather.
Winter is holding on telling us that we won't see spring until we pry it from his cold dead hands.
This years winter has seemed extremely long and ugly. Between the snow and ice and freezing rains I'd really need to stretch to find something positive to say about it.
I really hate the "count your blessings" mentality. The ones who will tell you "It could have been worse". Yes I suppose it could have been worse. I could of had ice-cubes stuffed up my ass and hit in the back with a 2x4 while fire ants chewed on my hands and feet.
Aww, enough about winter.

I'm going to dinner tonight to Smokin' Lil's.
Lil's is one of those great restaurants that just make you feel good.
And in a town that is nothing but eateries, hominess goes a long way in helping to make the decision to eat there. That and the fact she has some of the best brisket north of Tupelo.
For me a good restaurant is like a good friend, they'll be there to pick you up when your weary and you'll always go away feeling better than when you went in.
Lil's was one of those places. Which is why I was saddened to hear she'd be closing and that tonight is the last serving.
Like a furniture store going out of business, everything must go so it's going to be a buffet meal. Clean out the walk-ins, empty the pantry and drain the kegs.
I'm stayin' till the fat lady sings and can't legally open my pants any further.
Hope to see you there, but if not that means more good bar-b-que for me.

Later dudes

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