Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring ahead, get out of bed

My blog title doesn't count today.
Daylight savings time kicked in over night. It’s a simple process of going around the house and setting all the time pieces ahead one hour. Push the buttons on the digital, turn the knobs of the old analogs, and after a couple of attempts reset the microwave. As far as my cars clock I just remember that it is know an hour behind (it only messes up my occasional passenger).
And with all those clocks now set ahead everything is in sync. Everything that is, except for me. It will take weeks for my head and body to adjust to this time change.
I've been partaking in this stupid charade of "Spring ahead - Fall back" now for over 52 years and let me tell you something. I have yet to see a single benefit from it other than having an "extra" hour to sleep in the fall.
To me all it does is lend weight to Americas challenge to the title of "Dumbest Country on the Planet".
And since I'm very tired at the moment that is all I'll say on the subject.

In other news Bart the Dog is doing extremely well. He is just so happy all the time that we can't help but feel the same way. Right now as I write this he lays next to me snoring contently.
The Australian F1 Grand Prix is less than a week away and I'm hoping that with last years spying scandal behind us it will be the first race in a season of close competition.
I'm thinking that I may keep the Porsche garaged for one more month at least. The roads are "so" bad that I can't really see driving on them. I'll possibly bring it out mid April and start working on it a bit. I'm replacing the cooling system and suspension this year which ought to allow enough time for highway crews to make repairs.

I'm off to enjoy the sun.
The temps a bit chilly
the ground covered still
Yet I can see the sun.


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