Monday, March 10, 2008

A weekend of headlines

Over the weekend some headlines caught my eye.
"George Bush vetoes law restricting torture, says he sees no problem since tortured detainees are now eligible for honorary Skull and Bones membership".

"Sharp drop in jobs add to economic woes for US economy. Bush happy that so many Americans will not have to worry about filling up their gas tank to get to work every week."

"Israelis plan more housing to West Bank. Housing Minister Boim feels this should make Palestinians happy as now there will be fewer Palestinian locations available for attack by Israeli planes."

"Iraq war estimated at $12 billion a month. Americans back home proud to do their bit by continuing to drive on broken highway infrastructures."

"Democrats continue to give hope to the republicans presidential race by cannibalizing themselves. Hillary was seen chewing on Obama’s legs. Obama retaliates by gnawing on her skull.”

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Watch out for the pot-holes.


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