Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Congress grilled the OIL COMPANIES today in what can only be assumed to be an April fools joke on the American public.
For what I have read so far, congress really slapped those fat cats around by constantly reminding them that their profits combined were well over 128 billion dollars over the last year. And you can bet the CEOs were just left reeling from that verbal licking, for there is nothing to compare to the insult of having your nose rubbed into your enormous profits to make you see the error of your ways.
I don’t know about you but I sure feel better about paying $3.19 a gallon now that Shell, and Sunoco and all those greedy bastards have had their record profits pointed out to them.
April Fools America, For a second there didn’t you hope that something just might come from these talks?

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Give Frank Manzi a listen. EXCELLENT!!!

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