Monday, March 31, 2008


What the heck happened to the weekend?
Friday came to an end, Saturday was a blur of working around the house, Sunday much of the same and here I am Monday morning wondering when I’m going to get a bit of a break. One of these days, or so I keep promising myself, I’m taking a good rest, a break from all the daily-daily and relax.
With all I need to do around the house, though, it would require some travel somewhere so as not to drum up those nasty little guilt feelings. Those voices that during the week are satisfied to just be hum in the background but on the weekend become the noise of a high-rise construction project sounding out to me “Hey! The kitchen really needs a thorough cleaning” “When are you going to get that tub re-caulked?” “The carpets could use a real steam cleaning ya know” “You Call that a lawn? You better get out there now and start at it, pick up those branches, start getting those leaves out of the flower beds, and you better get down to the garden center now so you can get some fertilizer and lime and grass seed oh and the house needs to be painted and while your at it the gutters need cleaning and the shutters could stand to be replaced. Are you ever going to finish the front porch? And what about the lawn tractor? Is it ready for the season? Monday will be here soon and if you don’t get it done this week ……..BANG…
....there goes my head, right off my shoulders and out the window. If I hurry I might just be able to get it back before I lose it completely.

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