Monday, April 21, 2008

Better late than never...

With so many others, far wiser than me weighing in on the subject of Obama trashing, far be it for me to attempt any further insight into the debate.
But since this “IS” my blog, here’s my 2 pence.

Yesterday’s “This Week” had all the great stuffed heads discussing how they each thought Obama was over-reacting to the questions he was asked concerning his personal life and relationships with his pastor (Wright) and an ex-radical Bill Ayers.
“Cokie” (Night of The Living Dead) Roberts was so quick to point out that these were the hard hitting question Obama should be expecting asked while Sam (I’m not bald) Donaldson piped in with “If he can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen”.
Meanwhile little George would nod his head in agreement and act as if he is just so amazed to even be in his position.
As Jim Carrey’s old character used to say “LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHIN’ COKIE”
The only reason these are the “hard hitting questions” is because you and the likes of you (that would be “hard-hitting-journalist”) have decided that you would rather be working for the National Tattler instead of reporting real events and asking the real questions that need to be asked (those would be the: economy, war, job loss, gas prices, health care, veterans benefits and care, social security, gun control, violence. should I go on?).
Now looking at the length of that list I can see why you would rather deal with the fluff issues.

And for you Sam, I remember when you actually did ask tough questions on the issues.
Weren’t you the one who asked Reagan if he sang in the shower?
“…can’t stand the heat, …he acts as if he were entitled to the presidency, …he needs to learn..” these were all statements that you uttered about Mr. Obama which lead me to ponder if there isn’t just a trace of prejudice in your makeup Mr. Donaldson.
And just for the record, you are bald Sam. Why can’t you accept it and stop wearing that awful toupee? At least get hair plugs, with the amount of silver coin you earn every year you should be able to do that.

It seems that what passes for ABCs version of status quo has spoken and it said “Hillary is more like one of us than that uppity boy from Illinois who believes he is entitled to a fair shake. Well screw him, we are the press, the media giant and we control what is heard and what the people will believe and never again shall a sucker be given an even break.”

Thankfully there are excellent sources that still uphold an admirable amount of journalistic integrity.
I’ve list some below.

These sites (along with the others I link to) are a great place to start if you’re really interested in getting an accurate account of what really is happening around you today. These people devote 24-7 to chasing down the real events that shape our lives.

One last thing is that I just saw how Hillary claimed to a Scranton,PA crowd to be “One of them”.
How preposterous. Hill baby let me tell you something; my mother (Maud Francis Clifford O’Toole) was from Scranton. She was the daughter of a coal miner and she would be the first to say “Madam, I’m from Scranton and let me tell you, you are not “One Of Us!”

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Anonymous said...

As a concerned consumer, I can't wait for CNN to unveil which chain produces the best taco wrap for the money. THAT'S REAL news worth hearing about. And the only similarity between Hill and Maude is Hill's campaign appears to be "morte"...