Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Prediction for November

I awoke this morning to the jingling of dog tags, a big tail banging on the floor; birds singing and the CBS morning news informing me that Hillary had taken a commanding win in The Keystone lottery with 55 percent of the vote.
Now I’m a bit confused a tad bit suspicious about how this came about, since for a week the coconut telegraph was beating a wild tattoo over Obama closing the gap to 3 points.
I needn’t look any further than the registration records in Pennsylvania, which show 87000 republicans switched their affiliation to the democrat party prior to the primary yesterday.
Take that for what ever you will but I see it as a clear attempt by the republicans to keep the democrat’s chaos-train running at high speed so that it will take itself out before it can reach the Election Station in November. As always the republicans are far better organized than the democrats can ever hope to be.
After the convention, while the custodial crew of The Denver Pepsi Center will be left to try and sanitize the arena and cleanse the specks of flesh and bone, along with fecal and gray matter and haul it away to a bio-hazard site, the winner of the event, bloodied, exhausted, and weak will go out to face John “The Savage” McCain.
McCain will come into the ring well rested after a six-month lay off from his last bouts in what was described as a “bum of the month club” brawl with his fellow republicans.
The republicans plan to reunite Sonny Liston’s corner men from his fight with Ali, to dope McCain’s gloves with a substance that will blind both his opponent and the public.

Which is why come November I am prepared for the worst.
My prediction for the 2008 Presidential Election goes this way, it will be the most brutal name-calling, lie spreading, muck raising, swift boating, time consuming, money spending, hypocritical piece of crap to ever be forced down the throats of the American public. There will be nothing to compare it to before or after.
Mr. Barnum, you had nothing compared to this vicious wild boar.
Caligula, you may have come close but in the long run…? Nada!
Mr. Ripley, one of these people will become president and “Believe it or not…” nothing will change.

But on the bright side there is a Formula 1 race in Spain this weekend and it looks to be a good one.
Even while the fascist head of the FIA, Max Mosley, is involved in a nazi sex scandal (really, he was video taped wearing a nazi uniform while he doled out punishment to a women dressed as concentration camp prisoners) the racing continues and it is a better circus than has been seen in several years.

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