Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just another day in paradise...

I woke up this morning to the same ol’ routine. Take Bart out for his morning business, fix him and myself breakfast, and get dressed. Then I’ll go on line, check the headlines, see if anyone I know won the Irish Lottery and if I have something to write I have at it.
Here’s what I have to say today. After reading that, once again, non of the country’s problems are any of Duba-useless fault, being as that the democratic congress won’t pass any of his measures to free up oil reserves in the artic or pass more tax free legislation for the rich I got to wondering, has Georgie Boy taken responsibility for one damn thing in his entire life? It is ALWAYS someone else’s doing, not his.
“I don’t know how the window got broken”, “Neil made me take the car dad”, “The Beave and his friends held me down and made me drink that fifth of scotch”.
How the hell could Eddie Haskell ever have become President? (And no, you don’t need to remind me about the Supreme Court).
What I mean is how could anyone have liked this useless, lying little sack of shit to ever consider him useful for anything?
Oh well, F*!K him, may defecation rain down on him and his far-flung family.
As for me today, I am taking the Porsche to work so I can give it a little airing out before this weekend. This up coming weekend promise to be fun. The good brother John is heading my way and on Sunday we are off towards Boston for ”The Ding Ho Reunion" A Benefit for Comedian Bob Lazarus "One of our Own". (Check out this site for more info-
In the mean time I’ve got work to do and plenty of it.
Until next time, take it easy.
Today I suggest ignoring all forms of media, go outside, breath in some good fresh air and picture your own good time.

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