Monday, April 28, 2008

And Justice For All....

Over the past few weeks, as I attempted to keep this page fresh, I have developed a far keener respect for the others out there who take the time to put words on the internet.
(I would call these others my peers except that they are far better at their craft than I at my hobby). It is difficult to come up with words on a bi – to –tri daily basis yet alone do it every day. And for those that do my true admiration goes out to you. (You know how you are)

Over the weekend I was busy with the usual housework, yard work, work on the tractor and car. Deb has been extremely ill over the last week from a nasty viral infection in her lungs and I was busy attempting to make her feel a little bit more comfortable.
But as Sunday rolled around I woke up early enough so that in between attending to Bart’s wants and the start of the Spanish Grand Prix I found time to catch up on the news.
After going out to get it, I sat down and read the paper.
Here are the headlines that fell under the fold…”Foreclosures steadily rising”, “Musical therapy aims at Alzheimer’s”, “Obesity targeted” “CIA interrogation methods upheld” “Patriots relish Mayo” “Tobin back at…., wait a minute.
“CIA interrogation methods upheld” “What does that mean” I asked myself?
It seems that the Justice Department told Congress that the CIA can do anything needed to deter a terrorist attack and that international laws do not apply in that case. I read a little further. It went on to mention how boundries for interrogation need to be subject to some “latitude”. And while the Geneva Convention prohibits “outrages upon personal dignity” the CIA needs the right to make a case-by-case judgment. And since the CIA and the Bush clan is totally void and lacking in any personal dignity shouldn’t they be the ones determining just what constitutes outrages on others?
I mean, these stinking bastards have perpetrated all sorts of atrocities in the name of self righteous dignity around the world for decades, so having the “Justice” department say that it’s legal was just a technicality anyway, right? It’s akin to the Gestapo telling the lock step S.S. that concentration camps did not infringe on the rights of the German people. And who decided exactly who were German? The Gestapo, and if there was any heritage in doubt a little “latitude” in the questioning went a long way in clearing up a persons back ground. And that same logic holds true with a terrorist.
Better to torture, no strike that, better to question with free latitude an innocent suspected of being a terrorist then have another NINE ELEVEN!!!!!

For some reason this last 8 years have often been associated with the Nazis. Yet I think it should be more closely linked to the fascist in Italy. Hitler committed suicide. He blew his degenerate brain onto the sofa and wall behind him and went out with a whimper.
Now our boys will never do that. Not as long as there’s a dollar to steal or beggar to laugh at.
No our boys need to Mussolinied. Dragged kicking and screaming from office and strung up on light poles. They need to have the pomposity stomped out of them while crowds laugh at their demise.
Of course this will never happen since this is America, and we respect Justice. Heck, we even have a part of our government that is called the Justice Department. Oh yeah, that’s where I came in, right?

P.S. Barry, sorry I wasn't able to get out this weekend and get photos.
It didn't rain and I ended up doing the yard and hanging around with Deb.

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