Monday, April 7, 2008

Where The Hell Have I Been?

It's been a few days since I've last updated this blog, so let me think for a moment about what's new and happening.
Okay, I've thought a moment and there's nothing new, just more of the same ol'.

The Clinton's released their financial records and the media jumped all over them for having the gall to make $109 million legally while donating $10 million to charity.
Now I don’t give a rats hoot one way or the other for the Clintons, I liked Bills persona, I think he could have been a far better people’s president than he was and I don’t endorse Hillary’s campaign but I do not agree with the “tear them down at any chance” mentality that has taken over the press and media, it’s just petty vindictiveness.

Elsewhere 10 more soldiers and Marines have been killed in Iraq, the war that according to pentagon officials today has “No End In Sight”. May I suggest that we the people chip in to purchase glasses for theses officials in order to correct their vision? “No End In Sight”. It sounds ominous, it sounds depressing, and it sounds like bullshit.
It sounds like they’re telling me that in order to achieve a rank high enough to be considered someone informative enough to be allowed to run a war that a total lack of insight is a mandatory requirement.
The official number of service people KIA is now at 4,018. As I’ve written before this number does not include those who have died from wounds received or by their own hand.

In other news actor Charlton Heston died. During the span of his career he portrayed many but while most will remember him as being Moses (Moses ,Moses, Moses) I know that I’m not alone in feeling that his greatest role was as the brain damaged spokesman for the NRA. It was reported that Ronald Reagan was the inspiration he used for that character. (I hope mine was the winning ticket to pry the gun from his hand).

Closer to home Bart the Dog is having a great time going for walks and rides and sneaking up on the couch when at home alone.
He sure is a good-boy.

Yesterday’s F1 race in Bahrain was exciting with Phil Massa taking the checkered flag.
The real news though was how well BMW’s Bobby Kubica started from the pole and went on to finish third.
More racing followed later in the day from St. Petersburg Florida where the newly joined IRL and Champ Car teams raced through the streets. Another exciting race with young (19) Graham Rahal taking the win.

Well, look at the time, I’ve got to run. ‘till next time, keep your head down and always be reaching for cigars!

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