Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Spirit of Goodwill...

A few weeks ago I wrote: “China cracks down on Tibet, dozens killed.
Why is China being allowed to host the Olympics and shouldn’t the free countries of the world boycott it?”

I’m proud to see that a movement has grown against the idea of China (a country with a grievous human rights record) holding the Olympics, an event which represents goodwill and humanity.
I am proud because while a hand full of national leaders will boycott the opening ceremonies it is the people who have spoken up and are holding China to task.

Of course George Bush isn’t among the heads of state that won’t attend the ceremonies.
George still believes human rights are an extreme group of conservatives and doesn’t want to alienate the party.

Actually Dubya is not that ignorant, the truth is that he has no concern over human rights, not now not ever.
His whole life has been spent pursuing his own self-centered concerns, which are grounded in a small shallow lifestyle of the rich and arrogant.
George sees himself above the rest of us. He is a plutocrat who dresses himself in a suit of fascism cut to resemble the flag.

My mom used to say “What goes around comes around” but at 52 I know that that is seldom the case.
The Bushes of this world continue living, content in the knowledge that they are the center of their own universe, which all else revolves around and at a moments notice their wealth and power can act as a private missile defense shield ready to destroy any errant asteroid which may enter on a collision path with them and their “pretty little minds”.

Which is why, today I am proud to be a member of that group that will not be silenced from saying China has no place hosting these Olympics until they respect the right of Tibet and the rights of all people as citizens of the world, not to be governed and controlled but to be allowed to live and self govern.

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