Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And a great time was had..

WOW, what a great time we had during Sunday’s “Ding-Ho Reunion Benefit For Bob Lazarus”.
I laughed so hard I through my hip out. (Since everyone pointed out how much older we all are, my hip felt obliged to go hooey).
The laughs came so fast and often it was like being on a drug where all the memories blur together.
And like any good evening it was over all to soon. I sure hope that who ever was doing the video taping did a good job and that copies will be made and sold. If so I’ll take two because I’m bound to wear the first one out.

Yes indeed it was a good weekend. And during the weekend I had something pointed out to me that made me remember just how crazy and convoluted the English language is.
In the “About Me” section of this blog I have written “Hard Working Socialist With More Lines On My Face Than Before Him”. What was made clear is that this could have a drug reference to it due to the last two words, “..Before Him”.
How many times can one word have two (completely opposite) meanings? I can’t tell you but the word "before" is one. It can mean “prior to” which is like saying something from the past, OR it can mean “to be laid out in front of”or "ahead". My meaning for the word was the “prior one.”
Now as for the word “him” I meant it to imply a second individual as opposed to myself but this was (is) not made clear within the short bio I chose to write.
The “him” I am referring to is George W. Bush and not myself.
So in an attempt to clear up any confusion, this is how my bio should NOT be read, “A hard working socialist with more lines on his face than he has cocaine on the table in front of him that he plans to ingest IN ANY POSSIBLE MEANS AS SO TO SCREW HIS LIFE UP AND MAKE HIM A MINDLESS MORON”.
Instead it should be read as follows,” A hard working socialist who has aged so damn much in the last 7 plus years from having to deal with that MINDLESS, SELF-CENTERED, BLEEDING HEMORRHOID, USELESS EXCUSE OF A HUMAN BEING, ASSWIPE, RUSTY TROMBONE PLAYING FUCK, GEORGE W. BUSH that my face is starting to resemble an old Macintosh.
Ah but since that’s a little wordy I believe I will simply change the last two words which caused this confusion in the first place.
With luck this clears up my bio and I will continue to be aware of how words can have a duel meaning, and hopefully how I feel about Bush is also a bit more in focus.

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