Monday, June 16, 2008

A Good Man Passes

Tim Russert was a good man. A good man in the fact that he was a good father, husband and had many friends and colleagues that loved him.
Unfortunately, though, he was not the good journalist we have been told over and over since his death on Friday.
His biggest contribution to today’s politics was his dogged coverage of Clinton’s BJ.
And to say “…at least he got Cheney on tape saying the war in Iraq would not last long..” is a pitiful epitaph for a newsman of his longevity.
Was he a good journalist? Maybe in today’s Rupert Murdoch standard of reporting but stacked against the real men and woman who put their reputations on the line to report the truth, no. No he wasn’t.
Edward R. Murrow, by now, has rolled his way to China (and is writing an expose on human rights violations.).

But dying “a good family man and friend” is nothing to be ashamed of, no matter.

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