Thursday, June 19, 2008

Computer Problems..

The hard drive on my home computer has taken a full nosedive into an empty pool.
Fortunately I was able to see it getting ready to crash and was able to back up my system with a Maxtor system I bought.
Unfortunately I will not be able to replace it as soon as I'd like, so I'll be leaving this page as is for a while.
I got into work super early to put this posting up but I can't see doing this on a regular basis.
I'll be back as soon as possible.

Until then, turn off the TV and get away from the Tim Fest that's taken over the networks (he was barely a quarter the reporter Peter Jennings was and all Jennings received was an hour coverage), put on the Blind Boys Of Alabama, pour yourself a cold one and mellow for a while.

One quick thought, with Bush pushing to allow off-shore drilling as a solution to high gas prices has anyone considered that there is only around 12 billion gallons off those shores which would only last America around 2 1/2 years and then only if the oil companies have the refinery capabilities to produce it. The last I heard they could not keep up with the supplies that they already have.
Besides, what's to say that the speculators who are driving up the cost now won't continue once Bush opens the vault up to more liquid gold?
Has anyone ever seen the Great White Wall Street Shark simply give up on a feeding frenzy and say “That’s all the meat I’ll consume today, there’s always tomorrow”?
Of course not, Wall Street is a glutinous beast that is never satisfied with the amount it already has eaten, it’s a clean you plate and while your at it the American consumer seems to have a little left on his so clean theirs also mentality.

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