Monday, June 30, 2008

Was There Really Any Doubt?

And just in case there was ever any doubt about the logic and the motivating force behind the raging war in Iraq, it was announced last week that the major oil giants (Exxon Mobile, Shell, Total and BP) were awarded a “no-bid” contract (read ‘sweetheart deal) to the pumping rights of Iraq’s oil.
These companies are the successor lines of Standard oil, Gulf oil, BP and 8 others that back in 1920’s (after the First World War) divided the worlds oil supply’s among themselves.
In 1928 a “Red Circle” agreement was reached that put Iraq’s rich oil fields off limits to any ‘single oil company and had to be shared.The term Red Circle came from the red line drawn around Iraq on a map.
This agreement basically went on for near 60 years until an Iraq upstart declared that Iraq’s oil belonged to Iraq. You can guess the name of this person as Saddam Hussein and be correct.
(Of course when he said the oil belonged to Iraq he really meant that it belonged to him.)
This angered the Giants to no end and through their might and political prowess vowed revenge against the dirty dictator that stole what they viewed as their own private oil club of the dessert.
The goal was achieved last week at the meager cost of 4113 American military lives, 31,000 (minimum) visibly wounded, and untold with mental wounds that may never heal.
As for Iraqi deaths, at last report it was placed at 1,125,900.
The oil companies and their political #1 crony Dick Cheney and the never-ending desire for the oil and world domination and control over it achieved this entire end.

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