Friday, June 27, 2008

Gun Laws and Smug Fugs

Just a quick note before work...
It turns out I'll need a new computer since both my motherboard and hard drive took the hit from a storm a couple week ago.

It’s a good thing most liberals are not gun freaks, since due to yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling overturning a D.C. ban on guns, they might have felt the need to buy one to go out and shoot David “Smug Asshole” Addington (the dark lord Cheney’s advisor) and John Yo-yo Yoo for their part in allowing Dick & Dubya to run rip-shod on the constitution and then wasting congress's time by their contempt of any law that hinders the rights of aristocracy to rule over the peasant class they feel the rest of us fall into.
These are the men who advised Bush Co that the president is beholding to no laws that impede on the safety of the homeland, and the logic that torture is not torture and the vice president is not accountable to anyone, and instead is more like a barnacle attached to the constitution.

Well, gotta get to work.

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