Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like, oh magaaawd....

Well it’s another morning here in the “Pioneer Valley” which brings with it the promise of a new day and a few more thunderstorms.
Regardless of the threat I’m driving the Porsche into work today, as it’s sat far too many weeks in the garage waiting for nice weather. (“Drive it or park it mister” as my old man used to say.) Another one of his sayings was “Jesus wept and kitties crept” which never made any sense at all until yesterday when CNN interrupted it’s normal schedule to bring the news that Jesus’ face was clearly visible in the “swirly fur” of a kitten. And they showed a video which, when the camera went way out of focus, clearly showed a blurry swirl of Jesus on the side of that precious little kitty.
Based with this knowledge I can now go without glasses, and by crossing my eyes see Jesus everywhere! Try it you’ll be AMAZED!!!

__”I been walking down this highway blindly,
not knowing where my steps will find me
Traveled down deserted streets
Trying to avoid stumbling over my own feet

Seen the best & worst
This land has to offer
From the hard working man
Paying to fill the rich man’s coffer

I watched the drunken celebrity melt down of the week
And missed the coverage of the homeless child with nothing to eat.”

Off to work.

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