Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tis a marvelous morning today, with a crescent moon hanging low in the east and clear skies to see the stars. I hope it follows up on the promise of a good day. I’m getting a bit wrought with all the rain and thunderstorms.
(Ol’ Bart isn’t too thrilled with them both as his walks have been lacking due to them, and the thunder scares the bejesus out of him.)
From the statistics I see that, since June 1st, we have had 27 days of rain and in turn it is starting to feel a tad bit tropical around these parts. Any day now I expect to see ocelots and howler monkeys appear in the flush growths of vegetation that are starting to take over my yard.
The news stated that there are only 99 days left until elections and to me that was the same as the announcement of 99 days until Christmas. Only I am looking forward to elections more than Christmas. I certainly hope we don’t get John McCoal in our stockings.
Well I must be off to the wonderful world of work.

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