Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Second hand bullet...

Why do gun owners come across as if they were a put upon minority, whose sole existence is constantly threatened and that they are entitled to special protection from unjust burdens?
They and their organization (The NRA) vehemently oppose any attempts to restrict a person’s ability to carry, conceal, or wave about freely the firearm of their choice.
They have an argument against locks, registrations, fees, taxes, licensing and anything but the unhindered right to have a gun.
In Massachusetts, the Governor recently produced a budget, which increases the tax on firearms and the license fee. The first response to this from legislature is outrage. Outrage, which was phoned into them by gun owners and their lobby claiming that this was just a back door approach to keep them from owning guns and went directly against the Supreme Courts recent ruling.
Well if this is the case then cigarette smokers and the cigarette manufacturers should be able to claim equal outrage at the ever-increasing taxes put on their particular killing product of choice.
Now in the case of cigarettes it is always the effects of second-hand smoke on the innocent non-smoker that is brought up, or the cost of smoking as a whole on the health care industry.
Can’t these same standards be used with guns?
Gun owners always say, “It’s not a gun that kills a person, it’s the person that fires the gun”.
So it’s not the cigarette second hand smoke that gives a non-smoker cancer, it’s the person lighting up the cigarette. But that won’t fly in the face of a society that all agree that cigarettes are bad and deserve the reputation that follows them, and thus agree that the taxes that so burden the smoker are legitimate.
Oh, but not so with the gun owner, for they have the constitutional right to go out and buy and shoot as many guns as they want.
There is no amendment guaranteeing a militia’s ability to smoke freely.
And at the same time the constitution say’s nothing about gun owners not being taxed.
Just that they have the right to bear arms.
So stop your whining and pay up.
Otherwise I’ll hire a big shot law firm to file a lawsuit for all the non-gun owners who are tired of living in fear that the morons with guns will start firing willy-nilly and hit one of us with a stray, errant or ricocheting bullet.

In other news, A Rabbi, A Priest and a Cleric walk into a bar.
The bartender says, "What is this, some kind of joke? Get outta' here!"

It’s not easy being a comedian. Rodney was right there when he said he never got any respect.
When was the last time you were in a situation where a an old man drops to ground and someone yells, “Does anyone know stand-up?”
Or the bar scene where a guy cautions his buddy, “Joey, don’t fuck with him. He knows comedy.”
Don’t make me laugh.

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