Friday, August 22, 2008

August's over due gift...

It’s another beautiful morning in the Valley and I’m looking forward to getting out of work early to spend the afternoon with my sister, who is coming down from New Hampshire.
We have been graced over the last week with what has to be the best weather of the Summer 2008. Warm sunny days and cool nights that make the days and weeks of rainy, hot, almost tropic like, June and July fade into the past.
August, not known as a particularly generous month, has delivered a rare gift indeed.

In further local news, Belchertown has become the front-runner for the “All Front – No Behind” award.
First, when all the roads in town are crumbling and breaking up to the point where travel can become treacherous to extremely dangerous, the only road paving that was done was to Main Street which compared to all of it’s other roads was in excellent condition with only minor pot holes. The town appears too even have stopped bothering to fill potholes elsewhere.
Second, with the roads still untouched and in a state of rapid decay, the ultimate coup-de’ta in achievement was to paint new white lines down the side of the roads. These lines often ended up being painted into dirt as the side of the road had so long ago dissolved back into the elements there was no asphalt.
And since I have seen no other town attempting to come close to this blatant example of putting make-up on a pig, I award them with this years “All Front and No Behind” trophy which they will be able to pick up at my house, provided they don’t mind driving down North Washington Street with all of it’s potholes.

And for music today, give Jim Henry a listen.
Formula 1 takes its circus to Valencia Spain this weekend for the “European Grand Prix”.
I’m looking for Ferrari to have gotten their act together and take the challenge to McClaren and to see how Toyota performs in the “all others” category.

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