Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hope floats...

With the democratic convention in full swing, and the big Clinton debate still raging, I will take this moment to explain my reason for backing Obama.
First off I did not support either Clinton or Obama during the primaries.
My candidate was Dennis Kucinich, the man whom the media outlets refused to recognize.
I voted for him in the primary and still believe he could be a better president than any of the others.
Regardless of my feelings though, I will vote for Obama come November.
You see, for the last 7 plus years I have been buried in a caved-in mine searching for an exit.
And like any one trapped this way, I headed for the first breeze of fresh air that came my way.
And even though the path is clogged with rubble and obstacles I continued toward the fresh air and what is, I hope, will be a salvation from this entrapment and stagnation of life as I know it.
The promise of hope is all I can ask.
And that is all I will say about that.

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