Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've stayed around and played around...

Time has flown. Summer came and went with scarcely a glimpse given from me and now we have autumn at our door.
I really missed summer entirely. Looking back at it I note that I accomplished none of my plans. I didn’t get a new shed put up and my screen porch is still in poor shape.
But I did accomplish much at my job. I suppose that will have to make-up for not taking care of my house.
Speaking of failing to take care of one’s house, have you seen that dilapidated building on Wall Street lately? Boy, is that ever falling apart.
The people that own it must really be too busy to care about its appearance. And even as they all go around dressed in fine clothes and drive nice cars I hear that they are willing to accept some kind of giant welfare check to insure they can still have that big home to play in and call their own.
I guess if you have a lot of money to begin with and screw up financially it is looked on differently than if you’re just an average wage earner who borrowed money from these folks and now can’t afford to keep up with the ever-increasing mortgage payments ever since losing their own job.
Well so much for the worries of the rich. They will land in a foam entrenched bed of roses (as always) while Average Joe Six-Pack and his upper lower class cousin Trenton Twelve-Pack the Third continue to break their backs to get by, hoping that strange discolorations on the side of their heads is just worn in grease.

Well, I need to get going but before I do a quick pick for music:
“Hot Tuna”: Fantastic mix of old blues - rhythm style (i.e. Rev Davis, Jelly Roll Morton,)
Pick up any of the dozen or so albums. I prefer the acoustic but it is all good!

“Roomful Of Blues”: After more then 30 years and several line-ups these guys are still fillin’ halls with a swinging rhythm that makes you just want to jump up and dance.
The latest is “Raisin’ a Ruckus” and boy does it ever.

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