Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th and I sigh....

It’s September 11th again.
Seven years ago this date became a day of tragic history,a day that brought almost all Americans and the rest of the world together as one in sympathy and understanding.
And for seven years of politicians using this day as an obscene backdrop for their own justification of a war and terror policy gone horribly wrong.
We have witnessed the stripping of constitutional rights, the secret surveillance of our people through telephone and internet eavesdropping, librarians ordered to turn over names, hundreds of suspects held indefinitely while never being charged with a crime while being subjected to torture.
We have a president and vice president who act outside the law and refuse to be held accountable while stone walling any effort to do so.
We have seen the press and media (taken over by the same corporations who benefit from the acts of this administration) ignore any protest against the wars, the security acts, or anything that would shine a negative light on the White House and all it’s inhabitants.
And every time anyone asks why this is so, the answer always gets turned back to “9-11”.
Such a day as this, a day that should be held in high reverence for the loss of innocent life, should not be allowed to be the rally cry of evil politicians seeking to benefit their own career and the betterment of corporations.
More lies have been uttered, blood spilled and countless lives ruined in the name of 9-11 then blood spilled that sad,sad day.
I still cry when I see the photos of those lost and the tapes of that day.
Let us honor those who died by refusing to allow what should be “Hallowed Ground” be turned into” hollow ground”, empty of meaning and turned into nothing more than a political battle cry for injustice.

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