Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This Joke Ain't Funny...

I hate bad dreams. Last night I woke from one that left me in an extreme anxious condition from which I found it difficult to return to sleep.
During this dream I somehow became privy to the big secret charade. And that is that this upcoming election is already in the republican bag. It seemed that Misters Rove and Cheney had long ago assured a win through manipulation of voter registrations and the use of rigged electronic voting machines.
They were so sure of a win that just for laughs they decided to have the same man that in the year 2000 election they accused of being a traitor while a POW and of having fathered an illegitimate black child be nominated as the republican candidate.
And with not enough laughs there, they bet that if an unknown first term female governor from Alaska with a ‘abuse of power’ investigation hanging over her head and whom believes in abstinence only sex education, yet has a knocked-up 17 year old daughter, was picked to be vice-president it would be funnier still.
Those two were laughing their asses off unaware (or unconcerned) that I was listening in.
With the media in their pocket and all legitimate news sources and outlets of truth shut off from reporting, America will wake up November 12 this year and discover that the republicans won by a land slide and to quell any disputes martial law will be invoked.
It was at this point I woke short of breath and in deep worry. I couldn’t convince myself it was just a dream. It all seemed too real; too “this is actually happening” to let it go.
I eventually did drift back into sleep but it was far from blissful. The only good sleep came as I entered back into dreams that had Bart the Dog and me playing and running around while I thought how it felt as if my good boy and I had always been together.
But that was short lived as the need to arise and get ready for work came and the thoughts of the nights dreams came flooding back with it.
That first dream left me bothered and a little scared. It is said that dreams can be a premonition of what is to be or could be.
Freud said they represent your fears and desires.
And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
I want to continue running with Bart in a free America.

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