Friday, November 21, 2008

Early Thanksgiving

After watching "The Market" over the last several weeks I have decided that my next big purchase will be a new refrigerator and probably a very big one.
Now there is nothing wrong with my present refer system, it works fine.
Its only problem is that I no longer have the box that it came in. And that box is going to be vital for me if I ever plan to retire in say the next, oh, lifetime or so. Especially since I've watched what was already a meager retirement account lose over 70% of it's holdings over the last 11 months. Yeah that refrigerator isn't needed now but the box it comes in may be my retirement village someday and if that is to be the case then I better get it now so I can have it all fixed up and placed in a prime under pass location now before all the good spots get taken.
I’m thinking I can give it a little fiberglass coating, maybe cut out a window opening, buy a Easy-Bake oven on Ebay and a couple of art prints and I’ll be pretty happy.
Yep, pick up some old milk crates for furniture and keep it all in the shed until I’m ready to make my big retirement move.
I’ll be the envy of all the underpass dwellers.
Maybe I’ll set it up as a bar and all us UPDs (underpass dwellers) can hang out together after a hard day of collecting cans and selling our blood and donating organs for a profit and have a good well earned bottle.
Hell maybe even someday a down-and-outer may stumble in and start rambling on of the day congress let him and all the other heads of the Big 3 go down the drain and left him with only the clothes on his back and the 10 million bucks he had squirreled away for a rainy day which his wife got in the divorce after he started drinking heavy when he lost all his self-respect that day he looked in the mirror and realized that he truly was to blame for the car industries failure and just didn’t care any more.
Hell maybe even a fresh from prison Dick Cheney will find his way in just so I can piss on him and laugh. That would make my retirement years in a refrigerator box worthwhile for sure.
But that’s in the future. Right now I’m pretty damn lucky SOB who has a good paying job and a wife with the same and we still have our home and can still afford to eat everyday and pay our bills. To that I am thankful beyond measure.

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