Friday, December 5, 2008

Ghost of Memory

When she walks in a room, folks just explode."
-- Saxby Chambliss, (R-G) on Sarah Palin --

For the longest time I had a feeling that, somewhere, I had seen Sarah Palin before she “Exploded” on the scene.
Finally after letting it rest, my memory was refreshed this morning while watching the movie “I’m Reed Fish”. In the movie (which is a comedy) Reed is a small town radio personality who took over the job of his late father. The radio station also is the town hall, so you get to see the mayor. And that is where I was reminded of when I had seen Failin’ Palin for the first time, as the inept mayor of Mud Meadows.
(I recommend seeing the movie.)

And as for Saxby’s comment on people exploding upon viewing the Governor of Alaska could it be that he thought of her being the heir-apparent of the republican party has them all reacting like Mount Vesuvius and rather than referring to it as The Party are now reconciled to it being The Wake?
Regardless, if Sarah were the future of the republicans I’d say that the democrats will have to fuck up bigger then they did in the 90’s (when they all started stabbing themselves in the back and forget the lessons that put them out on the street in 2000) to not gain the White House back in 2012.

But hell with politics, let’s all throw on some Booker T. & The M.G’s and get down-an’-get –funky. to see Chris Smithers tomorrow night at the Iron Horse. Should be an excellent show.

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