Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I never thought that 40 years after I came of age in the decade of dreams and nightmares called the 60's that, in essence, nothing would have really changed.

We are still a country at war(s), prejudice still abounds and equality is still denied to groups deemed undeserving of basic human compassion.

Whether it be a small number of Burmese refugees relocated to America or the right for Gays and Lesbians to marry and love each other as heterosexuals have been able to for history, it seems to boil down to a hate that cannot be overcome. Maybe it's that old puritan mentality that someone, somewhere is happy and must be held accountable for that, I do not know. What does seem evident is that America is not the country that is advertised on the sign.

It is ironic that on 9/11 the terrorist choose the World Trade Center as the target that they felt represented American values while leaving the Statue of Liberty, untouched.

Maybe the neocon cry can be "Mr. Obama, tear down that statue and send it's ideology packing back to France, we'll have none of it!"

On the bright side, uh, gee, umm, well my coffee is pretty exceptional this morning.

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