Monday, November 30, 2009

A Nice End To Thanksgiving Weekend

I was fortunate last night in that, after heading to the gym (“Health Club”) for a bit of Thanksgiving exorcism, I returned home just in time to turn on the magic pixel box at the start of “The Beatles history” which was a short, sweet memory-filled visit with the Beatles, as they were.
As I watched, I couldn’t help but reflect back on those times and how damn lucky I was to have been alive and a witness to the amazing era that brought that wonderful music to the world.
And while the music is as alive and may be more mystical today to modern youth and under 40’s then when it was originally written and recorded, I don’t imagine that anyone who was not alive and listening in the 60’s – early 70’s can fully appreciate just what the Beatles did. I mean, without getting into an entire dissertation on the subject, they changed and helped evolve a generation. For every point of our developing lives there would be a song that would float into and without us. For every Beatles song I hear I have a memory of where I was or what I was doing at that time. From Long Island to Crystal Lake those ghost are as clear as if they were yesterday, and although I would willingly admit that they are colored with nostalgia, I only wish I could paint a room with those colors.
Happily I still have the music and the feelings that come together with it.
And tomorrow night, while others listen to the President discuss the rational for sending more troops into a winless situation; I will be listening to my memories.

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