Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Okay, so after weeksmonthsyears of trying to make a difference and help the world be more like my dream I’ve concluded that it just ain’t ever going to happen and that the only changes that will be going on are the changes going on in me.
Every morning I awake to the same old news (actually it can’t be “News” since it’s just a repeat. I guess we don’t have news any longer just heaps of yesterdays left over hash).
As much as I hate to believe it, the reality seems to be that we are living in the doomed repeat of the histories that we failed to learn from. So far as I can tell the 21st century has been a high-speed blender mix of the roaring 20s the depressed 30s , the McCarthy 40s and a big dose of the cold-war 50s and 60s with a ginormous helping of Korea - Vietnam syndrome and crooked lying politicians of all the eras thrown in just for good measure.
And so with this bitter realization I have nothing else to do but endorse everyone who ever said “I told you so”. Maybe that is what should be the title of all grade school history books. “Students, if you’ll turn to page 276 in your “Big Book Of I Told You So” we’ll study how our populace and it’s leaders will get us into our next big mess.”
Aw well, what the fugs, right? I guess we’re born, we breathe, eat, drink and die. And in the end all that matters is that you didn’t crash your SUV into a tree and have your loved one smash out the window with a three iron.
In other old events, yesterday was the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack and today is the anniversary of the murder of John Lennon.
Maybe someday all people will matter to all people.

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PK said...

It's like listening to Marlin Perkins describe watching Jim being dragged under the river and drowned by an Amazonian Anaconda! Snap out of it man!