Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flat Earthers (and others in denial)

There are those who will tell that there's two sides to every argument and to that extent I agree, because when both sides are presenting their beliefs that’s what you have. But when one side’s facts so weightily overwhelm the others', that argument can be said to be over.

Such was the case several hundred years ago when the earth was thought to be flat.
Or when scholars assumed it to be the center of the universe.

Fast-forward to today and we have those same "flat-earth center of the universe" thinkers applying their logic to the global warming debate.
A claim I hear often is that global warming is not a proven fact since you can go on the web and find scientist with conflicting opinions.
Well I can also go on the web and find proof that George Bush and Company orchestrated the 9-11 attacks and were involved in killing both Kennedys.
What I can't find is any of these groups willing to get into a debate with the other side showing a proof vs. proof argument.
The pro-global warming groups have done just that and the evidence presented is crushing.
So when I read an article in my Hometown newspaper that tells me “Clean Energy Plan Rejected” I was puzzled. Who could still be in denial? I read the piece and found out that Belchertown's very own selectman, the folks entrusted with the reins of overseeing the town, don’t believe in global warming. To be fair, only three doubters exist. Misters Barry and Reardon supported the plan.
I am far from being a scientist. I can’t even offer up all the names of scientist and web sites to prove my assertion that Global warming is happening.
But it is there and I have listened to both sides and the proof, and numbers presenting that proof lay with those contending global warming is a fact not a myth.

And to the three selectmen holding out against the idea I say this, “Since global warming is not a threat and since we will not be having ocean front property at our doors any time soon, why don’t you get out there and fix the friggin roads?”

In other news…. Bush says Iraq war is going great and everybody should have one.

Never believe a politician claiming they feel your pain. They are only trying to get their hands on you long enough to get your wallet.

Bart the dog is doing just fine. Although after a trip to the vet last week the poor fella aged three years on us. The shelter we picked him up at guesstimated his age around five.
Doc Deb put him closer to nine. We decided to split the difference and say he’s “a bit over seven”.
..doesn’t matter though, he’s still just about the sweetest most gentle goodbody going.

Well I gotta get off to work but I’ll leave this little tribute song I wrote last night.
(You know who it’s for.)


He’s got that psychic mumbo jumbo
He’ll serve you bowls of Kozmic gumbo
He’s got insight no one see’s
He’s the answer to your needs

He’s got a head full of bees
He can talk to the trees
He’ll bring you to your knees
He’s always aiming to please

If you see him walking down the street
He’s the one people flock to meet
He’s the man with the answers
The man with the clues
Guaranteed to lift your blues

He’s got that psychic mumbo jumbo
He’ll serve you bowls of Kozmic gumbo
He’s got a head full of bees
He’ll bring you to your knees


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