Monday, March 24, 2008

"A roadside bomb killed....."

That’s the headline we are once again waking to.
This time it took the lives of four soldiers and pushed the toll to at least 4,000.
The number 4,000 does not include the lives of those who died in hospitals from the wounds they sustained. It does not include the suicides of troops so distraught they couldn't weigh the idea of continuing "The Mission".
The same "mission" that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says must now continue on, as it is going the way he sees a proper war should. (That’s as opposed to the way it was operated under Rumsfeld and before the miracle surge.)

On ‘Face The Nation’ yesterday, Senator Graham stated that to withdraw troops now, as proposed by the Democratic candidates would only give strength to al-qaeda and embolden Iran. And by pulling out our troops we would basically be leaving a wound open to septic infection, which would require much more attention down the road.
We would leave an area that would be soon in the hands of terrorist and extremist whose only wish is to be able to fuck with us. An area of extremists who will go to any extent to push forth their beliefs and think so little of life that they are willing to sacrifice thousands to achieve that goal. And these same extremists would hold the world’s oil reserves as hostage as a means to get what they want.
Well let me tell you something Mister Graham, George Bush and the balance of your republicans want the same thing. You’re all as guilty as those you accuse. And there are already 4000 Americans and 100,000 Iraqis blood on your hands. How much more do you think it will take? How much more are you willing to sacrifice? How many lives will you sanctify as a ”just loss” for this war? What is your personal goal? What is in it for you, the long-term safety of America? Or is it a blind eye to everything except your politics? I want to know. Because if you are really concerned with our safety you had better come up with an idea that doesn’t alienate half the planet and leave our country in such dire financial straits that being safe no longer matters as there won’t be a Happy Homeland of the free and brave, just an open septic tank with billionaires floating on the surface of the ooze that was once our country.

"Music of Note": If you get an opportunity find a William Clark album and give it a listen. That man could really play the chromatic and cross harps like no one else.

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