Friday, April 11, 2008

Forward to the '50's (1950's)

Springfield, Massachusetts:
“It’s about respect, self-esteem, discipline and order …” this according to Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno is the reasoning behind mandatory school uniforms being voted into effect last night by a unanimous vote of the school committee.
And of the parents and teachers present no objections were noted.

Let me be the first to say “bravo”. I for one can tell you that there is no better path to self-esteem as earning a lack-luster education while wearing a suit.
Little Johnny may not learn to read in his over-crowded, under staffed, supply lacking school but at least he won’t be deemed self-expressive while he wears his suit.
And on those hot spring and late summer days he’ll be able to wipe the sweat pouring off his brow with his tie while his suit coat hides those unpleasant to see perspiration stains growing from his arm pits.
And don’t think you're getting out of this little Suzy ‘cause you better be stocking up on those lovely plaid dresses of yore which generations of young woman couldn’t wait to shed for a comfortable pair of jeans.
“Respect, self-esteem, discipline and order..” it sounds like the drum-beat of the Third Riche. “OUR CHILDREN SHALL HAVE DISCIPLINE AND ORDER!!”
To me, this is just a feel good measure of those on the school board to cover up the facts that Springfield’s schools rate as some of the poorest in the nation (per in academics, and no matter how you wrap it this gift of education is broken and needs to be exchanged for fresh ideas, not a return to the cold-war mentality of uniforms for all.
Also worth mentioning is that under Massachusetts law students cannot be made to wear one particular style of clothing. In other words it is verboten ‘er Field Marshal, which means it will end up being challenged in court and cost the city quite a deal of cash which it is in dire need of at this time.
On the plus side those students of the 40’s and 50’s went on to rebel with some of the finest Rock & Roll ever.
And to get things started….

Johnny’s just a number; Johnny’s just a mark,
He’s not an individual, just a boy with out a spark,
He’ll wear that common uniform and not become his own man,
Johnny’s gonna live his life according to our plan
But now it’s time for Johnny to rebel,
Go Johnny Go….

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